Sarasota Seniors Network.    We are a free service that provides placement support and resources for seniors.   941-444-3888

We help seniors transition to senior housing. Independent living, Assisted living or a Memory Care Community but we are so much more than that. We are the senior living Partners Network. What is that? Well it’s a network of local providers that can help handle every aspect of transitioning out of the primary residence into senior housing. Perhaps a senior is unable to take care of everything by themselves and their loved ones live far away. Well Serenity Senior Services is here to help. First our senior living concierge Partners will help navigate the many housing options that are available in the local area. If you have questions about legal and financial issues we have elder law attorney partners that you can consult with regarding asset protection and Medicaid. In many cases the home may need to be sold. Typically a loved one sometimes far away will be responsible for dealing with preparing and selling the home. This can be overwhelming to some. Our network of providers consists of Realtors, Cleaning services, Handymen, Painters, Movers, Stagers, Photographers, Real estate attorneys and more. No more searching the internet for different service providers to help with all that is involved. Use some or all of our partners depending on what you need. There are no upfront costs for our service. Visit our website

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